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Venture is people, people committed to the advancement of the rights and opportunities of their neighbors with developmental disabilities.

To our government partners, we are a service provider with a recognized commitment to integrity and quality services. To our community, we’re a local charity, a resource and a kinder, gentler aspect of Rockland County. To our workforce, we’re an opportunity to serve with honor in a noble calling. And finally, to our families and our people, we are they and they are us, a family.

Venture currently serves approximately 1,200 children and adults with developmental disabilities. Venture staff number over 600, and we have over 30 programs sites located across Rockland County.

Whether you are a person with a developmental disability, a parent or family member, someone looking for a career life in service, a public or corporate official, or a concerned citizen, we want you to be a part of Venture. It takes a community to make a life for special people, just as making a life for special people helps build a community.

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