Board of Directors and Staff

Hon. John Murphy

2014 Board of Directors

Hon. John Murphy, President

Katherine Abramson
Teresa Bader
Larry Bate
Nancy Clucas-Bricher
Nicholas DeSantis
Donald Groth
Josephine Hallett
Dr. Mary Jean Marsico
Dario Mazurek
Matthew Murphy
Kelly Kilduff Ruggiero Esq.
Arlene Thomas-Strand
Hon. Denis Troy
Barry Warner
Paul Whalen
Janet Wheeler
Carol Yablonski
Thomas Zimmerman

Camp Venture Senior Executive Staff

Celia Solomita, Chief Financial Officer
Marie Pardi, Associate Executive Director for
            Quality Management
Debra Archambault, Associate Executive Director for
            Residential Services
Mark Lukens, Associate Executive Director for
            Day Programs
Lisa Kirrane, Associate Executive Director for
            Human Resources


Camp Venture Council of Advocates (Self Advocacy)

Don R, President

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