Earning Their Wings: Summer Town Meeting Includes A Special Celebration (Posted: Jul 06 2015)
Wings Celebration and the coming election make for an exciting Summer Town Meeting.

Grand Opening (Posted: Jul 06 2015)
Just-A-Buck Grand Opening Monday July 13.

Open for business (Posted: Jun 26 2015)
Just-A-Buck store is open for business with a soon to be announced Grand opening ahead.

2015 Butterfly Ball (Posted: Jun 15 2015)
The Venture family gathers in grand style for the anaul Butterfly Awards gala.

Out of the Wood (Posted: Jun 15 2015)
Original production wows 'em at the Coleman Gromack Theater.

Just- A- Buck (Posted: Jun 03 2015)
Just-A-Buck is coming to the North Rockland!

Plant and Yard Sale at Main Street (Posted: Jun 03 2015)
Main Street plant and yard sale an annual community event.

Election Season Begins (Posted: Apr 30 2015)
New friends, friends remembered and the coming election, dominate the conversation at the April Town Meeting.

Life in the Fast Lane (Posted: Apr 23 2015)
Racing legend Charlie Donald drops by at Main Street.

Note to the New York State Legislature (Posted: Mar 24 2015)
Comments on the 2015 State Budget

St Patrick’s Day 2015 (Posted: Mar 23 2015)
A great day for the Irish but also for Camp Venture.

Valentine’s Party 2015 (Posted: Feb 16 2015)
On the year's coldest day, the Venture Valentines Party warms hearts with a rockin' celebration of love.

The Spirit of Giving (Posted: Dec 22 2014)
For the Murphy house family, giving is a team effort and a holiday tradition.

Holiday Musical: One Love – One World (Posted: Dec 16 2014)
Holiday musical is a departure from tradition but every bit a celebration of love and culture.

Jingle Ball 2014 (Posted: Dec 16 2014)
Plenty of holiday fun at the 2014 jingle Ball!

December 2014 Town Meeting Notes (Posted: Dec 10 2014)
Family and the approaching holiday season dominate the December Town Meeting conversation.

Ninth Annual Autism Symposium (Posted: Nov 03 2014)
Autism Symposium brings leaders in the field to Rockland County.

Boo Ball 2014 (Posted: Oct 27 2014)
Boo Ball a frightenly good time.

Town Meeting Notes October 13, 2014 (Posted: Oct 21 2014)
Staff salary a primary concern for October Town Meeting.

Rememberance and Rededication (Posted: Oct 06 2014)
Camp Venture Twinning ceremony inspires the spirit of remembrance and community.

Big Night (Posted: Sep 22 2014)
Talent show wows em' at the Venture Center.

Venture Technology Center – Open for Business! (Posted: Aug 28 2014)
The Venture Foundation underwrites exciting new computer center that's opening up a world of technology.

Another Great Year at Camp (Posted: Aug 26 2014)
Camp Venture summer camp winds up another summer of fun.

Two New Members Join the Council for the August Town Meeting (Posted: Aug 21 2014)
August Town meeting welcomes new members and a spirited conversation.

Camp Venture Night at Boulders Stadium (Posted: Aug 12 2014)
The Rockland Boulders move in first place on Camp Venture night at Provident Park.

Camp Venture Memorial Pond Twins with Auschwitz Memorial Pond (Posted: Jul 28 2014)
Thursday, October 2, 2014 twinning dedication will tie the Pond of the 200,000 to the Ash Pond.

Bowling Awards 2014 (Posted: Jul 22 2014)
Bowling Awards event celebrates tournament champions.

Thank you Rockland Rodders 2014 (Posted: Jul 21 2014)
Thank you Rockland Rodders

2014 Butterfly Ball (Posted: Jul 07 2014)
Awards event marks a year of success for Venture family members.

The Wizard of Oz (Posted: Jun 13 2014)
The Wizard of Oz show wows 'em at the Venture Center.

Town Meeting Notes June 2014 (Posted: Jun 13 2014)
Atlantic City, Father's Day and the anticipation of Summer fun were all important themes for the June 2014 Town Meeting.

Everyday Heroes (Posted: May 20 2014)
Camp Venture honors staff in a belated Dr. Martin Luther King event on May 14, at the Venture Center in Sparkill, New York.

I am: An exhibition at the Venture Center Gallery (Posted: Apr 23 2014)
I am: An exhibition at the Venture Center Gallery

Farewell to a Hero (Posted: Apr 21 2014)
Decamel says good bye to Thomas House and a career of extraordinary service.

Town Meeting Notes April 2014 (Posted: Apr 18 2014)
Easter, spring events and a beautiful song make for an interesting April Town Meeting.

St.Patrick’s Day 2014 (Posted: Mar 24 2014)
It was a great day for the Irish and for Camp Venture.

Call your legislator (Posted: Mar 19 2014)
Urgent budget action needed!

Valentine’s Party (Posted: Feb 18 2014)
Romance and fun abound at the 2014 Valentine's gala.

Town Meeting Notes February 2014 (Posted: Feb 14 2014)
A new president takes over and a beloved comrade is missed.

Our Staff Need a Raise (Posted: Jan 31 2014)
Self-advocates put concerns over staff wages at the top of their advocacy agenda.

Good Bye Lord Chauncey (Posted: Jan 02 2014)
Venture marks the passing of its most beloved llama.

Holiday Sock Hop (Posted: Dec 09 2013)
The Holiday Sock Hop an original variety theme seasonal celebration.

Jennifer Elected New Council President (Posted: Nov 14 2013)
A new president takes the healm as Jen emerges as the winner of the 2013 elections.

2013 Autism Symposium (Posted: Nov 04 2013)
A wealth of information offered at the 2013 Autism Symposium at the Hilton.

Boo Ball 2013 (Posted: Oct 28 2013)
The Halloween season was marked in big way with the annual Boo Ball celebration at the Venture Center.

Primary Election Narrows Field to Two: (Posted: Oct 22 2013)
Self advocates make primary selections in advance of November election.

Fall 2013 Town Meeting (Posted: Oct 02 2013)
Endorsements and fall events are emergent themes for the Fall Town Meeting.

Lotsa’ Talent in Venture 2013 Show (Posted: Sep 24 2013)
Venture performers wow 'em at 2013 talent show.

Inclusion: What are we trying to change? (Posted: Sep 24 2013)
Equality for special people?

A Victory: Sidewalks Advance (Posted: Sep 24 2013)
340 sidewalks take another step forward thanks to the efforts of self advocates.

Town Meeting Notes August 2013 (Posted: Aug 21 2013)
Candidates anounce their intentions to run at August Town Meeting.

Summer Fun (Posted: Aug 14 2013)
Bader and Rogers do the Hamptons.

Farewell Noble Steed (Posted: Aug 14 2013)
A tribute to Okie.

A Tribute to Champions (Posted: Jul 23 2013)
Bowling awards event culminates hard fought tournament competition.

Rock Your Day: SANY event at the Venture Center (Posted: Jul 16 2013)
Self Advocates share their thoughts and get information on day options.

Town Meeting Notes June 2013 (Posted: Jul 03 2013)
Rock of Ages, summer fun and the bowling tournament are leading topics for the summer Town Meeting.

TD Bank Does it Again (Posted: Jun 27 2013)
TD is Rockland's big-hearted bank there, once again, to help Camp Venture.

Historic Legislation Restores $90M cut (Posted: Jun 25 2013)
New York stands up for its citizens's with developmental disabilities with historic leadership.

Wren’s Play Debuts at the Nyack Village Theatre (Posted: Jun 25 2013)
“It Might Have Been” a very personal account and masterwork by playwrite Myles Wren.

Rock of Ages Rocks the Venture Center (Posted: Jun 10 2013)
Creative Arts Director-Producer Krista Bilodeau stages Camp Venture's own version of the new-classic musical Rock of Ages.

Thank you Rockland Rodders (Posted: Jun 03 2013)
Rockland Rodders raise funds for Venture.

Opinion: The fight for a future (Posted: May 13 2013)
If ever there was a time for parents and self advocates to be involved, it is now.

Town Meeting Notes: April 22, 2013 (Posted: Apr 29 2013)
Change is in the air as advocate discuss family, friends, the cut and the future.

New York’s Medicaid Mess: The cut (Posted: Apr 05 2013)
Resolution of the state's institution rates drive the financial pressure on volunary agencies.

St Patrick’s 2013 (Posted: Mar 19 2013)
Camp Venture marchers show their stuff at the annual Pearl River, New York St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Rally in the Valley: Advocates Rally Against 6% Cut (Posted: Mar 18 2013)
Advocates from across the area rally to fight budget assault on people with developmental disabilities.

State to impose service- Killing 6% cut (Posted: Mar 01 2013)
State plans to reconcile its Medicaid problems on the backs of people with developmental disabilities.

Ah Love! (Posted: Feb 18 2013)
The Venture family gathers for their annual St. Valentine's Day party.

Town Meeting Notes January, 2013 (Posted: Feb 11 2013)
The Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and family issues are the emergent themes in the Winter Town Meeting.

A Tribute to Heroes: Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Staff Award Ceremony (Posted: Jan 26 2013)
Venture staff are honored at Dr. martin Luther King Jr. Staff Award Ceremony.

Town Meeting Notes, December 2012 (Posted: Dec 26 2012)
Holiday parties and time with family were the emergent themes for the December Town Meeting.

Jingle Ball 2012 (Posted: Dec 05 2012)
The Venture family rocks the Town and Country at the annual Jingle Ball.

The Winter Musical (Posted: Dec 04 2012)
Another spectacular holiday pagent by the Creative Arts players at the Venture Center.

Volunteers Mobilize a Community in the Wake of Sandy (Posted: Nov 26 2012)
Venture staff reach out and take the lead in relief effort.

A Book and a Movie (Posted: Nov 26 2012)
The love of reading is a part of life for Melinda's "A Book and a Movie" group at Venture Inn.

Oh Sandy the aurora is risin’ behind us (Posted: Nov 20 2012)
But there's no such thing as global warming.

What would make our country better? (Posted: Oct 24 2012)
Executive Director poses a timely question to the Town Meeting.

A Visit From the Heroes Next Door (Posted: Oct 15 2012)
West Nyack firefighters stop by the Kaplan after school programs for some fun and a lesson on fire safety.

Octoberfest (Posted: Oct 01 2012)
Our friends from TD Bank make their United Way Day of Caring a special day for the gang at the Venture Center.

Direct Support Profile: Charles Vahsen (Posted: Sep 15 2012)
Camp Venture honors our heroes, our Direct Support Professionals.

My Vacation (Posted: Sep 15 2012)
I used my vacation time this year during the end of August. I went to the Philippines for my wife's sister's wedding.

Direct Support Professionals Week (Posted: Sep 10 2012)
A call to honor our heroes in direct support

Another Great Summer at Camp Venture Summer Camp (Posted: Aug 21 2012)
The agency's namesake is alive and well at least for now.

Summer Town Meeting 2012 (Posted: Aug 21 2012)
Vacations and summer fun are the dominate conversation points at the August Town Meeting.

RockAdemy at the Maccabi Games (Posted: Aug 16 2012)
The Venture Academy's RockAdemy band and the students of Jawonio's Studio Arts program share the stage at the JCC Maccabi Games.

Profiles In Direct Support : Debbie Archambault (Posted: Aug 13 2012)
In honor of the people who make Camp Venture a caring place, the agency recognizes our direct support professionals, past and pr

Bowling Awards 2012 (Posted: Jul 19 2012)
The Tournament of Champions culminates in a gala awards ceremony.

Special Advisor Meets With Agency Head (Posted: Jun 11 2012)
Special Advisor meeting turns into stump for staff compensation.

Governor Cuomo to Create Justice Center (Posted: May 24 2012)
Governor Cuomo has proposed legislation to create a Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs.

Butterfly Ball a Grand Gala (Posted: May 08 2012)
The 20th Annual Butterfly Ball has plenty of glitz but also lots of warm family fun.

April Town Meeting Notes 2012 (Posted: May 02 2012)
April meeting more a night for quiet reflection than Spring fever.

The Talking Horse (Posted: Apr 27 2012)
A little equestrian magic.

St Patrick’s Day Pride (Posted: Mar 19 2012)
Venture group marches in Pearl River St. Patrick's Day parade to a crowd of more than 75,000.

The Greening of Camp Venture (Posted: Mar 13 2012)
With a little help from our friends, Camp Venture gets a little better, smarter and greener.

Valentines Day Party Fun (Posted: Feb 21 2012)
Love abounds as the Venture group hosts friends for a rocking St Valentines gathering.

The President Marks a New Beginning (Posted: Feb 01 2012)
Inaugural event marks the beginning of a new term for Council President.

A Celebration of Heroes: Dr.Martin Luther King Recognition Event (Posted: Jan 31 2012)
Camp Venture honors the workforce in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Opinion:  Advocacy and the 1115 (Posted: Dec 22 2011)
A personal view on change and the People First Waiver.

Jingle Ball 2011 (Posted: Dec 21 2011)
The Jingle Ball is a joy holiday celebration of the season.

An Outstanding Citizen (Posted: Dec 15 2011)
Venture's most outspoken self-advocate is recognized by the Town of Orangetown.


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