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2013 Autism Symposium

2013 Autism Symposium

The Mind Works Charitable Trust and Camp Venture teamed up once again to present the 2013 Autism Symposium.  Offered free to the community, this year’s Symposium was held at the Pearl River Hilton on October 24, and featured some of the most renowned figures in the field of Autism.

Camp Venture President, John Murphy hosted the event which opened with a presentation by Peter Pierri, the Executive Director of the Inter Agency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies. The IAC is an association of over 120 agencies including Camp Venture in the downstate New York area that provides technical assistance to agencies as well as advocacy on behalf of people with developmental disabilities. The IAC is a major force in the state in shaping developmental disabilities policy issues. Mr. Pierri spoke to the direction of publicly funded supports for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Gina Zecchin-Tiri of the ARC of Rockland’s Prime Time School presented on teaching and behavioral interventions for children with autism in the classroom. Dr’s James Chok and Jill Harper, both of Melmark, described their research on obsessive compulsive disorders and repetitive behaviors in children with autism. Their work has important treatment applications. And, Dr. Russell Tobe of the Nathan Klein Institute talked about psychopharmacology and medication treatments for individuals with autism. Dr, Joshua Diehl of Notre Dame University concluded the program with a presentation of his work with children with autism using robots.

“There was a lot of good information,” said Dan Lukens of Camp Venture. “There was a little of the policy and politics of services, some hands-on classroom insights, some cutting-edge clinical research and even a robot,” said Lukens. “It was a great opportunity to learn.”

Again, many thanks to Joshua and Inna Needleman for making the Symposium possible and also to John Murphy and Betsy Satre for all their hard work.

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