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A Night on the Bayou

A Night on the Bayou

“A Night on the Bayou,” an original stage production of the Venture Creative Arts department, opened at the Venture Center’s Colman/Gromack theater on Thursday June 2, to a packed house. And, with a string of hits already to their credit, expectations were high as the curtain rose and Sam Leopod and Fred D. served up an overture that was more blue grass than Carnegie Hall but which had the place stomping their feet right from the get go.

Based on the much beloved folk song, “Froggie Went-A-Courting,” the opening act introduces us to Miss Mousy adorably played by Jillian L. and to a cast of suitors looking to make time with the belle of the bayou. And, in an opening number made famous by Linda Ronstadt, her audience was no less smitten with our star by the second verse.

Mr. Frog, ably played by Ari, is the debonair reptile about the pond, there to thwart his rivals and win Missy Mousy with all the wit and charm of a younger Cary Grant.

From there on it’s all a fun little romp in this cajun style musical cross between Louisiana style and Midsummer’s Night Dream theatrics.With princesses and a menagerie of animal players, there was indeed something for everyone in this show.

The cast and performers included Sam Leopold and Fred D. who were the band. Miss Mousy as played Jillian, Owl, by Spencer, Bat by Larry, Bumble Bee by Robert, Mr. Frog by Ari, Uncle Rat by Lee, Ms Moth by Lisa, Mr.Cow by Robert T, Juny Bug by Kathy, Princess by Jennifer, Swamp Devil by Glen, Mr.Toad by Spencer and Snake by Steven.

Many thanks to Krista Bilodeau, Writer Director, Sam Leopold for the band, sound recording and editing, Julie Langdon for the costumes and co-direction and Steven Sicher, Jeff Spindel, Laury Estriplet and Owen Gould for the tech support, lighting, stage work and sets.

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