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A Tribute to Champions

A Tribute to Champions

The annual Camp Venture Tournament of Champions Bowling Tournament culminated in a gala awards ceremony and dance party on July 20, at the Venture Center’s Colman Gromack Auditorium.

The New York area was in the throws of heat wave on this sunny Saturday afternoon as the scorching temperatures outside offered no relief to the heated atmosphere inside. Tension in the hall were palpable. Weeks of grueling competition has come down to this final event as bowlers from every residence and every part of the agency gathered in breathless anticipation of the final awards. And, with the very broad field of bowler running so closely in their scoring, there was no clear sense of who the contenders were going in on Saturday. It was all up for grabs.

The cordial greetings offered by the recreation staff did little to assuage the anxiety of the moment, but there did seem to be some easing of the tension in the music and dancing that opened the event. Nonetheless, lined up on the steps of the auditorium and serving as a backdrop were the trophies, just sitting there, as a not so subtle reminder of what was to come.

The event’s formal ceremonies were finally introduces about 45 minutes into the program as the room fell to a dead silence. And, first to be awarded were the 3rd place winners who were recognized for their performance in their cumulative scores. Second and first place winners followed. Then, special prizes were offered, and for “Sportsmanship” and it was Louis E. of Clucas House who took that prize home. Then it was Howard E. from Hibernian House, who was called and recognized for his 193 game for which he received the “High Game Score” award.

There were so many notable performances but it was Michael C. who was asked to stepped forward when the Tournament winner was announced. And, as the crowd came to its feet in ovation, it was the very proud bowler from the Nanuet House who stood before his peers holding the really big trophy as he reveled in their adulation.

What a great day and what a glorious moment it was!

Many thanks to Terry, Julie, Sarah, Tracy and all the staff who made this year’s tournament such a success.


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