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Camp Venture Night at Boulders Stadium

Camp Venture Night at Boulders Stadium

Sunday August 10, was a big night for the Rockland Boulder and also for Camp Venture as the home baseball team moved into first place in the Can-Am league on the agency’s game night.

Thanks to the Rockland Boulders, Brega Transportation, Active International and a host generous supporters, the Venture family was treated to a night out at the game and what a great night it was. The Boulders, Rockland County’s premier sports team in the Can-Am baseball league, hosted the New Jersey Jackals. A 5-2 win on Sunday night by the Boulder, driven by a couple of big hits by Antone De Jesus, was enough to move the team to the league’s top position. And, that great play, along with some perfect weather, made for some really big fun.

The charity night event, organized by Venture’s Lisa Nolte and Jen Sernotti of the Venture Foundation, was supported by friends of the agency most especially, Brega Transportation, Active International and a host of friends whose generous support made it all happen.

“What a great night,” said agency Exec. Dan Lukens. “I saw not only the guys from our residences but our families, our Community Habilitation people and staff with their families. It was perfect. The home team won and we are all so grateful to our supporters that we could be there,” Lukens said.

The evening’s events opened with the National Anthem very poignantly delivered by Venture’s own, Sarah Lukens whose spirited rendition set the tone for this great night. The Boulders seemed to be on board too as some terrific play on the field made not only for a win, but the big win!

It was perfect and again, many thanks to our supporters and to all the staff and friends who made it possible.

And, let’s make a special note of some of our top ticket sellers:

Dave Hopkins - Venture Industries
Linda Marciano and Clucas House
Patti Statler - Children’s Services
Brenda Jordan - Venture Select Day Hab
Vanessa Eybers - Venture Industries

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