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Creative Arts Department gets new studio space

Creative Arts Department gets new studio space

New Music and Art Studio
Construction on the new Music and Art Studio at the Venture Center in Sparkill has been completed, and Creative Arts instructors Sam Leopold and Jeff Spindel couldn’t be more excited.

“Camp Venture and the Venture Foundation have built something beautiful for the consumers to flourish in,” says Sam Leopold, Venture’s music specialist. “We’re going to have many good times here.”

Jeff Spindel, one of Venture’s fine arts instructors, is passionate about his new home in the Venture Music and Art Studio. Jeff explains, “I am very pleased to see the unique personalities of the artists we work with expand each day as they create music and paintings that inspire not only themselves, but also those who experience their audio and visual creations. “

The concept was to redesign and enlarge an underutilized space in Venture Center to create a versatile work area for Sam and Jeff to share during the workday. Painting and music entail light and sound, so velour window coverings and acoustic panels were installed for instantly converting the room from a light-filled art studio into a sound-proof music space. The room is outfitted with sound recording and playback equipment and computer software and switches that enable consumers to create and play their own music with Sam’s help.

With the generosity of Venture Foundation supporters, Sam and Jeff are able to give participants an identity as artists that expands their value in our society.

This new work is at the core of what caring for people with disabilities is all about. We are grateful to be able to develop fine artists and encourage musical talents while expanding the scope and meaning of disability care.

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