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December 2014 Town Meeting Notes

December 2014 Town Meeting Notes

It was a seasonably cool and dark night on December 8, when Council Members arrived for the end-of-year Town Meeting. And, the group was cordial but more reserved than usual as the approaching holidays and wintery weather, had apparently dampened a measure of the usual enthusiasm.

The December Town Meeting was held at the Coleman/Gromack Auditorium of the Venture Center on the evening of Monday Dember 8, 2014.. Approximately 50 voting members of the Council were in attendance.

The call to order from the President came at 6:50PM and after wishing everyone a Happy Hanukah, Kwansa and a very Merry Christmas, Jen opened the regular Session of the Town Meeting and turned the floor over to Terry Freson who acted as the group’s facilitator.

Dave L. was the first speaker and he said that his brother “Danny” was coming to his house party. He also mentioned a doctor’s appointment and some projects that he was working on.

Tom B. updated the group on his career life at Macy’s and said that this was a busy time of year for him. Tom also talked about living independently in his apartment and his pride was evident as he described living, working and managing his own affairs.

The group applauded for Tom.

Tom asked Terry Freson about the Winter Musical which opened the floor to Terry for an announcement.

Terry explained that Krista Bilodeau was producing the musical but she assured the group that everyone was welcome to the Thursday night performance.

Lisa announced that she was going to the Westchester Dinner Theater and was also planning on seeing a performance at Rockland Community College.

“I love shows,” she said as wished everyone well.

Peter C. came to the lectern with his notes. Peter acknowledged his friends and housemates and then shared some of his scores and the highlights from this year’s bowling tournament.

Jennel sauntered to the front of the room looking very smart in a matching orange hat and jacket. “My mother dressed me so nice in this new outfit. I love her and all my staff,” she said.

John F. bounded to the front of the room with some urgency. “The Giants won,” he announced to the applause of the room.

Mike S. talked about the prospects for the area hockey teams .

Richard said that he had called Marie on the phone as he scanned the room for her. She had apparently had not come this night and she was missed.

Pradeep said that he was looking forward to the musical. He suggested that yoga be offered as a recreation option.

Judy, speaking in a soft voice, said that she had helped prepared dinner and said she liked to do that.

Bernadette approached the front of the room and spoke with confidence. “I am doing great at my job at Target. I am working hard, making money and I am earning a real paycheck,” she said. “My family are all coming to see me and I plan to spend time with them over the holidays. I am helping out at my house too. I take care of my own things and I try to be independent,” she said.

Agency Director, Dan Lukens stood in applause for Bernie and the room joined him.

Susie T. said she missed her staff Marie who used to work at the Workshop.

Dana used her time to offer warm holiday wishes to all.

Randy acknowledge her staff and to said that she was grateful to them for all their hard work.

Eileen paused briefly and waited for the room to be silent before she spoke. “We’re having a party at our house and I hope to see some of you there,” she said.

Theresa said that she was grateful to her house staff and said that she really liked the menu that they were working on. Theresa asked Terry about the Holiday party and the Musical and that opened the floor up again to Terry.

“The musical is this Thursday evening here in the auditorium. The holiday party is 12-4PM at Town at the Country catering hall in Congers on Saturday,” Terry said.

Jeff offered his affection for his housemate Kellyann.

Angela said that she had the best staff. “They help me all the time,” she said.

Michael C. Introduced himself and said that Saturday he had bowled a 118 and 155. Apparently impressed, the group clapped for Mike. He also talked about going out with his family and about a planned trip to Florida.

Angel announced gleefully that she would be with family over the holiday. “I am going with Bernie to Orlando Florida,” she said to the applause of the room.

With the conclusion of Angel’s statement, the Regular Session of the Town Meeting was closed by the President who took the floor to offer time to her cabinet members.

Meagen the VP offered a few kind words for agency Director, Dan Lukens.

Ryan was next and he said that he was grateful to both Jen and Meagen for the opportunity to serve on the cabinet. He is grateful, he said, but added that he did feel inclined to look ahead to the coming election cycle during which he said he intended to run for the presidency. He asked Dan about the timing of the next election.

Dan said that as Jen was elected in November of 2013 that the next election would be in the coming year, 2015. The campaign season would begin in the summer he explained, and the new president would take office just before the start of 2016.

The President then used her time to offer a few personal notes. “Since I have been working at Toys R’Us I have seen so many families in this time of year buying presents. It is so packed and busy but it is wonderful. We have red hats and blue shirts and we are a team working with our customers,” she explained. Jen then thanked everyone for coming out on this cold dark night.

With some time remaining, Jen reopened the regular session of the Town Meeting.

Emerson took the opportunity to come forward and to show off his new Dallas Cowboy’s jacket. “I work hard at the workshop and I appreciate that I can make money there, “ he said. “I like seeing my friends,” he added.

Robert offered a brief preview of the Winter Musical. “Come out and support us, “ he told the group who offered Robert applause.

Robert was the evening’s last speaker.

It was a cold inhospitable night made a little sunnier by the friendship that the group shared. And, as they made their way out of the hall there were lots of hugs and plenty of warm wishes for the coming holiday season.

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