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Esta recognized

Esta recognized

by Dan Lukens
Camp Venture’s most outspoken advocate received a special award for outstanding service Friday July 21, at a ceremony at the Summit Park School in Ramapo. The “Giving Tree” award is offered to outstanding employees of the Town of Ramapo Parks Department for their dedication and commitment to the children served by the summer recreation program.
“I’m a Teacher’s Assistant,” Esta told me beaming with pride as she showed me her award. “I put out all the materials for the children, organize the supplies and clean up at the end. Mostly I keep the program working smoothly,” she said.
Esta has been working at the program in the summers for the past six years. She shared the “Giving Tree” award this year with Nurse, Sally Kagan.
The “Giving Tree” award certificate offers this testimonial to Esta’s good service: ” Esta can be counted on to remember the small details that anyone else may forget,” writes her supervisor. “She works tirelessly to get the classroom set-up and prepared. On the days that she is at camp, I can expect a smooth running day because I know that Esta is there to help.”
Congratulations to Esta and thanks for the pride she brings to the Venture family.

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