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Farewell Noble Steed

Farewell Noble Steed

Camp Venture lost the most venerated member of its equine family with the passing of Okie on August 11. And though to the world she may have been but a mule, to Venture, she was the gentle ride with the really cool ears.

In recent years, Okie enjoyed a retirement from her riding duties and this much beloved creature was offered the run of the grounds. Often seen wandering the fields adjoining the equestrian center, Okie had become a unique and familiar part of Camp Venture’s north campus ambiance.

Ken Freson, of Venture Select and the Equestrian Program, remembers Okie fondly as one of our longest serving animals. “Oakie would come up to anyone to say hello. In the 26 years of the equestrian program she was our most reliable and friendly animal. She will be greatly missed.”

Many thanks to the equestrian staff and volunteers for their efforts to make the program fun and safe for our riders and for their daily care of the animals. Also, many thanks to our equine friends as well for their gentleness and good service.

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