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Farewell to a Hero

Farewell to a Hero

The career life of Decamel Delphin was one marked by professionalism, compassion and extraordinary kindness. And, though none of these extraordinary qualities ever earned him a comfortable living or a retirement, they did nonetheless, leave an indelible mark on the lives he touched.
After 25 years of service to Camp Venture this venerated member of the Venture family is retiring. What he leaves behind is an unequaled legacy of caring. 

“Decamel and I have both been with the agency for some time,” explains Dan Lukens, Camp Venture’s Executive Director. “But in this work you really don’t know what someone is about until you see them work with our people. Decamel had a gift and that was apparent if you watched how he interacted with people especially when they were upset or in pain. He was a master and he changed lives,” Lukens said

A gentle fatherly figure, Decamel’s work life at Camp Venture was almost exclusively at Thomas house. His calm and soothing way of caring made him important to the resident of Thomas house. To them, he was a person of remarkable stature.

“Our field is moving to Personal Outcomes Measures, standardized staff competencies and more comprehensive training but sometimes the quality we offer people is less the product of some scientific or managed approach than it is the character of the people doing the work and the intangible emotional quality that they add to every interaction,” said Lukens. “There’s no standard to account for the benefit offered by a good decent human being doing their job with kindness. To people in care it’s just priceless.”

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