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Good Bye Lord Chauncey

Good Bye Lord Chauncey

Camp Venture bid adieu to one of the most venerated members of its animal family with the passing of Lord Chauncey on New Years Day. Chauncey and his brother llama, King Juba, joined Venture in the 1990’s. The two were fixtures at the farm for many years and a main attraction at the Pearl River St. Patrick’s Day parade in the days when animals were permitted.

Juba passed some years ago and since then Lord Chauncey has represented this stately species native to South America at the farm by himself. Always there to offer a warm and friendly response, this grand creature’s demeanor was much in contrast to the reputation of llamas for being unfriendly.

As Ken Freson reports: Chauncey was one of the first animals of the Camp Venture Farm. Chauncey gave so much love to so many people young and old. And, though he did not like to be petted, if you put your hands behind your back when you approach him, he would give you a kiss. It would only be 3-4 kisses, mind you, and then he would gently walk away. With character befitting his noble name, Chauncey was a warm but lordly beast.

More importantly though, Chauncey was the guardian of all the animal’s on the farm. He was always on watch and there to bravely defended his fellow animals against the ever-present threat of Coyotes. His was a noble spirit befitting a creature of the Venture family

Our dear friend, Lord Chauncey will be fondly remembered and sorely miss.

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