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Holiday Sock Hop

Holiday Sock Hop

The Venture Center’s Coleman Gromack auditorium lit up on Sunday December 8, as the Creative Art’s program’s,“ Holiday Sock Hop” played to capacity matinee audience. A cast of performers from across the agency took to the stage in a wonderfully creative retro-theme 50’s-style seasonal extravaganza that combined music, dance and a world of fun. The early rock-era short performances, reminiscent of the old variety show format of the day, were very cleverly separated by period commercials. And, indeed, somewhere between those black and white advertising spots and the live performances, was a formula for seasonal magic.

Peter and Arianna started the live acts off with a dance number appropriately performed to the classic 50’s standard: “Let’s Go to the Hop.” Michel C. of Oak program fame followed as he belted out a rousing original song;“Christmas Soul.” And, in his black wig, he not only sounded like James Brown, he looked just like him too.

Sam then joined Norma K, Betty R, and Peter M, of Venture Best, to perform two original songs: “Winter in Nanuet” and “Trip on Ice” which were as clever as they were beautify performed. “Happy Holiday,” a dance number, followed as Ari, Robert, Larry, Steven and Merlin, all of the Academy, departed from their usual musical genre to show off some theme dance moves.

“Waiter Check Please,” performed by Sam and Fred, cast Fred , as an edgy dangerous character in this rather dark but original piece. “Christmas Boogie” with Arianna and Brielle was a lively 50’s dance ensemble that demonstrated the poise of these two very talented performers.

“Blue Moon,” was a show stopper as the combination of Arianna’s beautiful voice along with the musical skills of Sam, Maria and Ari were nothing short of electric. This dreamy piece was contrasted by the spirited “Fe Fe Foughy” original song by Ari, Merlin, Lee, Robert and Sam which, came next.

Zach then took the stage with the classic “My Girl” which he belted out with all the passion of an American Idol star. “Merry Twist-mas,” brought to the stage the talents of the Main Street gang as Jessica,  Isaac and Ernie did a twist to make Fats Domino proud.

“Boogie Woogie Santa Claus,” teamed up Nancy with Arianna for a spirited romp. David followed as he stepped up with, “Jingle Bell Rock.”

“Peppermint Twist,” brought the dancers, Jillian and Arianna together with their period hula hoops for a piece that was fast-paced, fun and cute as can be.

Then came Santa and he preformed with Arianna;“Here Comes Santa Claus” and Santa Teach Me to Dance,” and the excitement of seeing St Nick brought the room to it’s feet. A finally performance: “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” had the entire cast out on stage. And, as the crowd erupted in applause, the show ended to a standing ovation.

Oh what a show it was! It was original. It was lively and it was seasonal fun in the best spirit of Camp Venture. Many Kudos to Krista and to the talents of Sam and Arianna and all the staff, volunteers and to all the wonderful performers. Thank you especially for making it so much fun for all!

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