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Horsing Around

Horsing Around

With the dog days of summer, the heat is also hard on the four-legged members of the Venture family. Riding on these very sticky days has given way to other activities like horse washing as campers, volunteers and friends take turns hosing down the heard and, indeed, it’s become a popular occupation.

New to the farm is a shiny new pony cart which, according to Program Director, Ken Freson, “Charisma,” one of Camp Venture’s miniature horses, is learning to pull. And, it’s a good thing that Charisma is on the job as her stall-mate, Star has been under the weather of late.

Again, according to Ken, earlier in the month, Star got very sick. Marla, one of Camp Ventures therapeutic instructors went to check on the two little ones and she found Star rolling on the ground in distress. Marla got her up and walked her around but she could tell that something was very wrong.

By a call to the vet and a subsequent diagnosis, it was established that Star had collic. The vet had to put a tube in Stars nose and administer a treatment of oil and water. She could not have any food.
In spite of the vet’s good efforts, Star was very ill and could could not be left alone, so Marla brought Star to the house of a fellow therapeutic instructor, Diane.

The two ladies made up a comfortable place for Star to stay. Star received around the clock attention and by morning she was back in the pink.

Everyone was please to see Star back on the farm and most especially Charisma who, by now was starting to imagine that the cart was going to be her sole responsibility.

With the Equestrian Center nearing completion and with construction activity everywhere, things are pretty busy down on the farm. And, though the day habilitation gang are there every weekday to keep things shipshape, it’s been a hectic summer season. Nonetheless, with Star back on her feet it’s mostly all good these days with Venture’s four-legged family.

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