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Inclusive Democracy

Inclusive Democracy

Representing Camp Venture, Kevin, Dave and Dan traveled to Albany to participate with an inter-association inclusive democracy project to advocate for developmental disabilities issues with our state legislature. Camp Venture’s participation was on behalf of the IAC (the Inter-Agency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies).

The inclusive democracy project has introduced New York citizens with developmental disabilities to their state leadership as these leaders are in the process of developing state budget priorities.

“Basically what we did was to drive up to the state capitol and we visited the lobby of the Assembly and Senate chambers,” David explained. “We met Wini Schiff from the IAC and Dan introduced Kevin and I to our legislators. I met Ellen Jaffe, Nancy Calhoun and Ken Zebrowski from the Assembly. Then we went to the Senate chamber lobby and Dan introduced us to Senator Carl Kruger,” David said.

As the budget negotiations continue the Inclusive Democracy project has succeeded in putting a personal face on the issues. With groups visiting from agencies across the state every day, nearly every member of the legislature has had a chance to meet with members of this constituency.

The Venture group were very please to meet some people from Nassau County AHRC who were also there on behalf of the Inclusive Democracy project.
“We really didn’t get into the issues but our legislators were very friendly and seemed interested, “David said.

“These are difficult times but we’re very lucky to be represented by people who really care,” Dan said. “What ever you hear or read, I believe that everyone up here is trying to do the right thing,” Dan concluded.

“It was a long drive up and back,” said Kevin. “But it was worth it for all of us and especially for David to meet his legislators and to be a part of the process” he said.

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