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Let’s Dance: Debra Weiss Dance Co.

Let’s Dance: Debra Weiss Dance Co.

The Venture Center’s Colman Gromack auditorium welcomed the Debra Weiss Dance Company as a crowd of arts enthusiasts, mostly from the Venture Day program, enjoyed a live performance on Friday morning, October 23rd. Playing to a packed house with more than 125 in attendance, the performance offered a visually stunning experience that involved richly choreographed dance and included a cacophony of colored ribbons, beautiful costumes, and the rhythmic sounds of some very unique instrumentals.

And, indeed, the quality of this offering was not lost on this crowd as the assembled found themselves enrapt in the performance. As Lydia, an audience member suggested; “It was like they brought us to another time and place. It was amazing.”

Alternating from clapping, foot stomping and sing along, to points of calm and near silence, the excitement ebbed and flowed in sight, sound and movement. Ah, such beauty and such grace!

Thank you Debra and Company for a wonderful morning and lasting memories.

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