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Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane

The gang at the Main Street Day Habilitation had their motors all revved up on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 as #32, Jalopy Jet, Charlie Donald stopped by to meet, greet and show off his ride. A two-time stock car racing champion of the Orange County Fair Speedway, Charlie Donald is a local legend. And, as the guys at Main street found out, he’s also a really a great guy.

The doors on a stock car are welded shut for safety reasons so going in and out requires some acrobatics as the group was soon to discover as they climbed into the cockpit of #32 in turn. Nonetheless, it was well worth it as sitting behind the wheel and imagining the thrill and excitement of being a race car driver was quite an experience for all.

Charlie Donald is a man who believes in giving back to the fans and community and sees that as a big part of responsibility to the sport of auto racing. The cars and team attend many fund raisers and car shows to help support the community. As Charlie put it: “We believe together we can accomplish anything and our fans are no exception to that belief. Throughout the years we have learned being a champion requires a lot of dedication and reliability.”

Stock car racing is among America’s most popular spectator sports and every year millions are thrilled to the daring fetes of these champions of the track. What you don’t see as the cars zoom by are the very real people behind the wheel. Thank you Charlie Donald for making it a very special day at Main Street!

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