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Lotsa’ Talent in Venture 2013 Show

Lotsa’ Talent in Venture 2013 Show

The stars shone brightly on September 20, as performers from across Camp Venture took to the Venture Center stage in Sparkill for an enchanting evening of song and dance. Playing to a capacity crowd on Friday night, the 2013 Venture Talent Show was a fun-filled evening which showcased the extraordinary talents of a host of performers.

Robin opened the show with her aptly named rendition of, “Enjoy Yourself.” Jeff, quieted things down a bit with his ballad, “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely,” which nearly had the place in tears. Then Lee’s, “Shine” rendition pumped things up again with a piece that showcased his extraordinary rock vocal abilities. Billy came next with with “Man Eater” and then Meagan, Randi, Jennel and Mindy brought the place to its feet with a Cha Cha slide dance number.

Tom’s “Ocean City” offered a summer seasonal favorite which was followed by Ryan’s sensitive rendering of, “Just the Way You Are.” Renee gave ‘em a lively, “My Guy” and Jen a rendition of “Burial” of Xena the Warrior Princess fame. And, Michael S. was sensational as he turned up the volume of the show with his driving hard rock, “Crazy Train.”

Bernadette had all the right dance moves with her “Jiggy with It.” Theresa sang “Tomorrow” and Jack’s very own version of “Amazing Grace,” had the room in the spirit with this gospel favorite as the assembled belting it out with him with all energy of a Sunday morning Baptist congregation.

Robert was amazing with his iconic boy-band favorite; “I Want It That Way.” Perhaps most unique of the night’s performances though was Lillian’s, “Personal Song,” which was as moving as it was original. Pouring it out like only he can was Zach as he had the room groovin’ and movin’ to his; “That’s When I Will Stop Loving You.”

With all the style of Satchmo himself, was Quinton’s, “What a Wonderful World.” Then it was Harvey’s turn to croon that Perry Como standard; “Moon River.”  When the ladies stopped swooning, Missy followed with a very spirited, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” which had the place singin,’ jumpin’  and “wimoweh-in”with her. And, Eugenia, Charles, Ayal and David stepped up together in full beach regalia for the 60’s classic, “Surfin’ USA.”

Last, but certainly not least, was Michael C. whose version of the Four Tops classic “Can’t Help Myself” was amazing. As the room clapped, swayed and shouted out the words… “I’m in love with you and nobody else…” the other performers joined him on stage for the final curtain.

What a great night! What a wonderful show and kudos to these talented performers and the recreation staff for making this show happen!

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