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Lucky, very lucky to find a new home at Venture

Lucky, very lucky to find a new home at Venture

When the Spring Valley police found a Nubian goat tied to a building in the village without any food or water, some very kindly officers went to work to figure out what to do with the abused livestock. With a call in to the Rockland Humane Society, our heroes loaded their charge into a squad car and the goat ended up at the Society. It was the Society who made it as their task to find a permanent home for the wayward creature.

From there things started to get better for our Lucky, aptly named for his circumstance. First it was a visit to Vet, Dr.French for a check up and some shots. And, finally it was off to the Camp Venture Farm. According to Dr. French, his patient is in great health and probably avoided a bad ending. Lucky from what we are told, is a VERY LUCKY little goat for having been found by some good-hearted police officers, for the diligent work of the Humane Society and, of course, for a new home at the Camp Venture farm.

All’s well that ends well or at least that’s how it can go when good people get involved. Lucky accepts visitors at his residence in Stony Point (at the Venture Farm) and arrangements can be made for an audience with Ken Freson who act as his social secretary.

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