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A totem is a spirit being, a sacred object that serves as an emblem for a group of people. Today the totem of the Camp Venture people has taken its rightful place along the path to the Pond of the 200,000 at the Venture Center.

In a brief opening ceremony on Wednesday September 21, Krista Bilodeau, Director of the Camp Venture Creative Arts Program presented this new sculptural installation and honored each of the participants who created it

The the brainchild of Bilodeau, but also Artist/ Teachers, Steven Sicher and Owen Gould, the work is reflective of their creative guidance. It was also, however, a long list of Participant/ Artists who actually constructed each of these object’s very numerous components. And, it is by their hands that the many parts that make up this whole came together to form this very powerful symbol of their life experience.

The project consists of four poles with characters thematically representing the traditional Native American symbols of the Owl, the Watchman, the Rabbit with Wings and the Eagle. The poles are stacked glazed ceramic pieces which reflect the individual vision of their respective maker.

The opening program closed with a few brief words from Executive Director, Dan Lukens. “Each of you is a unique person and a gift to the world,” he said addressing the assembled. “This is your monument to yourselves and so when you come here, remember that with pride. See the beauty and the power in what you have made and know that in your life, there is a purpose.”

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