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Out of the Wood

Out of the Wood

The Venture Creative Art program’s original production of the Out of the Wood played to capacity audiences at their Thursday June 4, and June 11, performances and their Friday June 5, matinee. This imaginative retelling of a medley of classic fairytale stories brought an ensemble cast to the stage in a visually stunning spectacle that combined live action and multimedia performances. The staging, multimedia segments and the musical performances were amazing. Familiar characters from the iconic stories, Red Riding Hood, The Three Pigs, Little Bo Peep and the Boy Who Cried Wolf were cleverly wrapped together in a modern day allegory with fresh music and dance numbers.

Betty, a very convincing Mother Goose opened our story and introduced a deftly played antagonist, Ari as the Big Bad Wolf. Opposite Ari, Omaira was a Red Riding Hood whose diminutive stature and infectious charm was more than enough to warm the heart of the Wolf let alone her audience.

Robert, Kathy and Larry were three adorable little pigs who were happy to take some helpful advice from Riding Hood who was there for them with a bit of courage to go along with her useful pointers. For Lee, cast as the Boy who Cried Wolf, it was Red’s moral lesson that assuaged his angst and straightened his path.

Bo Peep, played by Jillian, was too cute for words. A clever song and dance number showcased her extraordinary performing talents and left the audience stunned while Steven was a concerned but confident sheep.

Shining in a duel role as both Granny and the Witch, Jen’s performance was magical. Finally, with the world made right by Riding Hood and, of course, the bad turned to good, Ari emerges as the Price of Venturia to the ovation of the audience.

Micheal was also there as a body double for the Wolf.

It was the feel-good event of the season and a tribute to the manifold talents of the performers and the creators of this wonderful show. Many thanks to Steven Sicher, Jeff Spindel , Laurie Estriplet and Ron Piscitelli who did the sets, lighting and stage work.

Hats off to Composer, Sam Leoplod and to Arianna Pallens for the Choreography and for assisting with the writing. Most especially though, many thanks to Krista Bilodieu for taking the lead and for writing and producing this great show.

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