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Shriners Shine a Little Light on their Camp Venture Friends

Shriners Shine a Little Light on their Camp Venture Friends

The Camp Venture day program gang were the special guests at the Shriners Circus which took place the weekend of September 25 and 26, at the German Masonic Park in Tappan, NY.  Through a long friendship and association with the Masonic members of The Shriners Club of New York, the Main Street Day program especially has enjoyed the fellowship and generosity of this wonderful organization and it’s inclusive community spirit.

After many years of clowning around at local charity events, hospitals and various community events the Shriners formed the Klown Klub. They found a circus producer to steward them in the art of putting on a circus. And, the results were nothing short of magical as any of the day program gang would attest. Attractions this year included the opportunity to take pictures in a 1927 Ford Klown Car, food vendors, circus novelties as well as clown shows, dog performance,  unicycles, a tight rope act, and for the grand finale a motorcycle act.

As always, Camp Venture group was happy to renew their friendship with the Shriner clowns and of course enjoyed the wonderful circus show.

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