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The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

Eagle Scout, Michael Dubner: On mission to make a difference at Main Street.

Michael Dubner, a Boy Scout from Troop 97 in New City, New York came to Camp Venture with a plan. After meeting with Jean Marie Byman from the Main Street Day Habilitation program, he came up with an idea for an Eagle Scout project that would really impact the program and add to the lives of the participants. “One of Main Streets biggest fundraiser is selling plants that they grow themselves throughout the year,” explained Dubner. His idea was to help them do that better.

The Main Street program had two greenhouses one of which, was ramshackle mess that was falling apart. The yard around the program also had to be fixed up. The place needed a lot of work.

Dubner’s project scope was ambitious. It involved landscaping improvements to the grounds and the construction of a bigger and better replacement greenhouse. The new growing space would be covered by long lasting polycarbonate panels designed to save heating cost and which would end the need to recover the greenhouse every year with polytarp material. It would also need a custom storm door along with a vent and fan in order to maintain the proper temperature to keep the plants healthy.

Dubner would also plant arborvitae, a decorative landscape shrub, along the fence of Main Street yard to clean up the property and offer some privacy from the major roads that boarder the backyard.

The final part of the project was the construction of a pergola for the front of the facility. This would be a place where the Main Street guys could sit and relax under, especially in the warmer weather.

“It was quite a plan,” recalls program director, Jeanmarie Byman. “Imagine my surprise when Michael shows up with a crew, went to work and pulled it all together. It was amazing to see this unfold under this young man’s direction.”

As Michael Dubner notes: “This project was one of the most challenging yet memorable parts of my scouting career. I had so much help along the way thanks to my family, my Eagle Project coach, and my fellow scouts and adult leaders. I could not be more proud of the work done for this project, especially for such a great organization.”

“It’s a pretty remarkable project,” said Camp Venture Executive Director, Dan Lukens “And, it’s an amazing testament not only to this young man’s community spirit, but also to his skill and leadership as well. We are very grateful,” Lukens said.

Thank you Michael Dubner for your help and congratulations on a job well done!

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