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Town Meeting Notes July 2016

Town Meeting Notes July 2016

The Camp Venture Council of Advocates met on Monday July 11, 2016 in the Coleman Gromack Auditorium of the Venture Center. Present were President, Don R. and his cabinet members; Amanda, Lee, Meagen and Ryan. Terry Freson acted as the group’s Facilitator

The President called the meeting to order at around 7pm.  And, after a brief introductory greeting, he deferred his time and turned the floor over to Executive Director, Dan Lukens. Lukens introduced Arlene Thomas Strand, Camp Venture Board of Directors member, He then offered Ms Strand the floor.

Arlene Strand had kind words for all to which, the group responded with warm applause.

Tom B. was the first speaker.“I will be an employee of Macy’s for 34 years this year,” he announced.  Tom spoke about some of the job duties and challenges at Macy’s before discussing his upcoming vacation plans.  Speaking to Terry Freson and to the group, he said that he hoped there would be a pool party this summer. In addressing Terry Freson, Tom opened the floor to her (consistent with the group’s bylaws).

Terry explained that the pools will be open on some weekends later this summer.  

Pradeep introduced himself, “I am living at the Kathy Lukens Independent Living Center and am trying to find a job.”  He added, “I am also hoping that the pool will be open this summer.  He went on to say he was enjoying the (evening recreation) Zumba class, and the yoga class, which he had been advocating for for some time.  

Tasin introduced herself with a very friendly hello. “I am doing very well”, she said. “I went on vacation and went to a ball game and will be off to Lake George later this summer, I am very excited.”

Randy B. was the next speaker. “I am going to Paris,” she said.  “My staff are the best,” she went on to say, “I love all of them.” 

David L. announced that he was going to Camp Kanoawakee. 

Susie T. said she loved all of her staff.  

Theresa P. announced that in September she was going to work at the ARC Cafe in Haverstraw. 

Mike C said that he was going on vacation in Orlando the following week and on a cruise.  He went on to indicate that he was looking forward to a family gathering for his grandfather’s 97th birthday.  

Jeff K. said he was doing well at his job at ToysRUs, “I’m going to the Yankee game later this week and looking forward to it.” 

Billy A.  talked about spending the weekend with his family and said he enjoyed going out for pizza. 

Susie S. asked that everyone could be quiet.  She told the group that she missed her father a lot. 

Angela T. said that she was now attending the Main Street day program.  “We go on trips every day I really like it,” she said. 

Richard H. noted that his friend Marie did not come tonight.  “I will call her later.” 

Bernadette approached the microphone with her usual enthusiasm. “I am going to Virginia Beach this Thursday and am sure to have a good time.”  She told the group that she’s been helping out at her house and working hard at Target.   She also said she was looking forward to spending time with her family. 

Peter K. told the group he was the best worker.   He acknowledged his friends and said he very much appreciated his staff.  

Steven M. told the group that he was very sorry that one of his housemates had recently passed away.  “Kathy was a nice lady,” he said.

we will miss her.”   Steven also said that he was about to start a new job and was excited about that.   He also discussed his recent performance in the summer musical. 

Fred K. offered a few kind words for his friends. 

Dana spoke affectionally about her housemates and said that she loved her staff at the Melucci house. 

Jenelle said, “Good afternoon everyone, how are you doing?” in a resounding voice.  “I had a great week but I missed my staff because they were on vacation.  “I’m looking forward to when they come back.” 

Jeff B. used his time to express his affection for Faith.

Dieter offered a few appreciation for his friends as did Patrick M.
Peter S. told the group that he went to the Dollar Store and to the 711. He said the people at the store were very nice. 

Angel S. told the group that Thursday they were going to have spaghetti and meatballs at her house. 

Eileen M. asked for silence and then requested that her staff to stand up and be acknowledged by everyone in the room. The did and the room responded with applause.

With the conclusion of Eileen’s statement, the floor was opened up the to the president and his cabinet. 
Don closed the regular session of the Town Meeting and took the floor. “I know many of you are concerned with the closing of the workshops at ARC and Camp Venture, but don’t worry.  The agency staff are working with everyone and they will work with you,” he noted.  “If  you have any concerns that have not been answered, I will be glad to speak on your behalf,” Don added. 

The group applauded for their president.
Meghan R. told the group she loves working at the Camp Venture Just A Buck store. 
Lee P. said he enjoyed being in the play and that he was doing well.  He also mentioned his summer plans, including a Sprout trip to Maryland. 

Amanda announced that next Thanksgiving she was going to Arizona.  

Ryan offered a lengthy monologue on his house, friends, and the meaning of life. This served as a perfect conclusion to a spirited summer meeting

Before the adjournment, Don asked to take the floor again. He said that their dear friends George and Kathy who both had passed the week before, would be greatly missed, and asked the group to join him in a moment of silence.   

The meeting was closed at around 8:15 PM.

The appearance of an agency board of directors member was apparently very much appreciated as evidenced by the very positive unofficial comments at the close of the meeting. Once again, the concerns for the recreation changes that dominated an earlier meeting, were not brought up in this conversation. Some of those newly introduced recreation options were however noted and though there were no explicit statements either way about the group’s overall feelings about the changes, the positive mention of the new activities suggested that the former points of concern had mostly been assuaged.

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