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Town Meeting Notes June 2014

Town Meeting Notes June 2014

Atlantic City, Father’s Day and much anticipated summer fun were all important themes for the June 2014 Town Meeting.

The Camp Venture Council of Advocates met on Monday June 9, 2014. Present were Jen A, the President, though she arrived late, Vice President Meagen R, Ryan F. and Lee P. Terry Freson acted as the group’s Facilitator and Agency Executive Director, Dan Lukens took notes. About 60 voting members of the Council were in attendance though many arrived late.

Council members arrived in the light of a wet though mostly mild late Spring evening and were greeted by the recreation staff as they entered. The hall was mostly still empty at 6:45 PM, the appointed starting time for the meeting, the apparent result of a little spring fever.

It was around 7:00 when Lee P. opened the meeting in Jen A’s absence and opened the floor to the first speaker.

Mike S, sporting a Ranger’s Jersey, was all smiles as he approached the lectern. “The Rangers are going for the cup,” he announced to the applause of the room.

Tom B. offered an update on his job at Macy’s.

Barbara H, looked a little grim as she introduced herself. “How many people would like to go to Atlantic City?” she asked. “Let me see your hands.”

On her request, a good number of the group raised their hands.

Louis E. also used his time to solicit interest in a trip to Atlantic City.

Patrick M. was next and he used his chance at the microphone to expound on recent events at Thomas House.

Jen A. and VP Meagen R. arrived at around 7:05PM.

Jeff tried to get Maria to respond to has chiding but she refused to pay him mind and Jeff yielded the floor.

Mike C. addressed the group in his usual affable way, introduced himself and offered an update on some his recent experiences. “I went to Yankee stadium and the Yanks won. I was also at the Orangeburg Carnival with my family and we had a great time,” he said.

Kevin offered a rousing oration on his family and events at Horan House.

John F. also offered an update on the Yankees.

Jeff K. talked with some enthusiasm about his job at Toys R’ Us.

David L. said that he would like to visit his friends at Murphy House.

Zach reminded the group that this weekend was Father’s Day. He said that he loved his father.

Peter M. asserted that the staff needed a raise.

Missy, speaking with great emotion, told the group that she had visited her friend Joyce the day before in the nursing home and asked that everyone say a prayer for her.

Roger told the group that 5 years ago he had that he had won 200 quarters in a slot machine.”That’s a lot of quarter,” he said.

Robert H. reminded the group that Thursday was the Wizard of Oz show and asked that everyone come and support the cast.

Dana said that she was really enjoying the bowling tournament.

Bernadette told the group that her house had been renovated and that she had a new room.

Eileen told the group that she was looking forward to her vacation.

Suzie S. said that she missed her dad.

Tammy said that she liked her job at the ARC workshop. She also mentioned seeing Joyce and said that she too was concerned.

Lisa used her time to remember her parents. “My mother had colon cancer. My father has M.S. It was so hard to see them sick. I cried,” she said.

Susie T. said that she missed her friend Marie.

Richard, looking rather smitten, said that he saw his friend Marie P. at the workshop.

Marie H. said that her aunt had been very sick and died recently.

Lilian, used her time to offer a brief musical interlude which was very much appreciated. She yielded the floor to the applause of the room.

Angela said that she was going on vacation with Sandy and a group to the Poconos.

Kellyann was very pleased to announce that she had had a good day.

Peter S. speaking in a very serious tone, talked about bowling shopping and household chores.

Angel spoke happily of the weekend holiday. “I am going home to celebrate father’s day.” She also said that she was very please to be going to Lake George on vacation.

Toby wished everyone a great summer.

With the conclusion of Toby’s statement, Jen A. closed the regular session of the Town Meeting.

The President, Jen A. spoke briefly to remind the group of the Wizard of Oz show on Thursday June 12, and Friday June 13.
Meagen, the VP. Used her time to wish all the fathers a happy father’s day.
Ryan spoke sadly to the loss 4 years ago of his dad.

Lee said that he was really excited about the play and said that he too, missed his dad.



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