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Town Meeting Notes October 13, 2014

Town Meeting Notes October 13, 2014

The Camp Venture Council of Advocates met on October 13, 2014 at the Coleman/Gromack Auditorium of the Venture Center. Present were the Jen, the President, Meagen the Vice President, Treasurer, Lee P and Ryan the Secretary. Terry Freson acted as the group’s facilitator and agency Executive Director, Dan Lukens was there to answer questions and take notes.

It was a pleasant fall evening that greeted Council members as the group arrived at the hall. The chairs inside filled more quickly than usual and by 6:45 PM the place was packed. And, 5 minutes later, Jen hit the openning gavel. Passing on any opening remarks, she deferred her time till the end and instead moved to the regular session of the Town Meeting.

Tasin was the first speaker and with elation in her voice, she announced that she had just returned from a trip to Bermuda.

Tom B. introduced himself as a resident of the Kathleen Lukens Center apartment complex and a long-time employee of Macy’s. Tom describe the life and times of working at a major department store.

Randy offered kind words for her staff. Laughing as she spoke, she could just about get the words out.

Dave L. explained that he was going to the main office for the holidays.

Micheal S. lamented the loss of a very dear family member.

Eileen used the bulk of her time to pose for pictures and chided her audience in her usuall off-beat way.

Bernadette offered an inspired monologue on her success and hard work at her community job. She spoke about the value to contributing to the chores at her house and to helping her friends. The group responded with a warm applause.

Jeff, sounding a bit like a drill instructor, shouted out to the crowd that he was doing well at his job at Toys R? Us.

Patrick spoke to family and friends as did Ralph who follow directly after Patrick.

Peter C. acknowledge a number of his friends and comrades around the room and his kind words were appreciated and acknowledged with aplause.

John F. updated the group on the progress of the New York sports teams.

Roger said that he had been to the farm and picked his own pumpkin. “They were still on the vines on the ground,” he explained.

Norma directed her comments directly toward the Executive Director.”The staff need a raise,” she said in an assertive but respectful tone. “It’s time and we need to see something happen,” she said.

Peter M. underscore those same points. “We need action not words,” he said and the room rose again in applause.

Patty shared that her father had recently passed.

Susie said that she missed her staff Marie whom had recently left the workshop.

Peter S. spoke to his commitment to contribute to the life of his house and to be productive on his job.

“We had ravioli for dinner,” Susie S. said smiling.

Marie said that she wanted her staff Julie to come back to Murphy House.

Kevin offered a spirited oration on his family and events at Horan House.

Gina announced that it was her birthday and, with those words, the room erupted in applause.

Micheal C. wished everyone a very happy Columbus Day. “I had a great weekend with my family,” he said.

Pradeep suggested that there be more activities and said that he wished there was a ping pong table.

Looking rather smitten, Richard said that he had called Marie.

Kathleen talked about her family and said that she was so please that she had seen them all that past weekend.

Bill said that he had spent the past weekend in Manhattan dining out and visiting family.

Terry T. asked that the staff and residents of Mellucci House stand and be acknowledged. They responded as did the room with ovation.

Merlin shared that he was playing guitar with the Rockademy band.

Jeff used his time to express affection for his friend Faith.

Zac talked about playing baseball and said he was grateful to his staff.

Bo used his time to lament the New York sports teams recent performance and especially the Giants.

James said that he was looking forward to the start up of the bowling tournament.

Ayal shared that his birthday was coming but said that he did not know yet what he was doing to mark the occasion.

Robert introduced himself and outlined a few points he wanted to make. First was the poor performance of the Jets and the Giants which he indicated was disheartening to say the least. And, then there was the matter of the staff raise: “They do so much and it is really past time for them to get what they deserve,” he said.

Nellie said that she was looking forward to the Halloween dance.

Kara used her time to sing a little song. And as her voice wafted about the room, it offered a perfect segue to the end of regular session of the Town Meeting at 7:50 PM.

With the close of the regular session, Jen used her time for a brief message on Columbus day and announced that she was about to mark 7 years at her job at Toys R’ Us.

Meg talked about the recent talent show and when she mentioned her performance the crowd rose in applause.

Lee share some of his concern with the group about his personal life but also said that he was learning guitar and said that he enjoyed that and hoped to really improve his playing.

Ryan, speaking from a prepared statement, said to the group: “It’s never too late in this life to become what you might be,” he said. Indeed, it is not and the group hung on those words for a moment until Jen closed the Town meeting at about 8:15 PM.

It was dark now and the warm pleasant nights of summer had given way to the shorter days of Fall. Winter was coming and that feeling was in the air as the group left the auditorium and stepped out into this seasonable October evening. Nonetheless, the warmth of friendship of this gathering was still with them as they made their way home. It was good night to be alive and a day to celebrate the company of good friends.

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