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Town Meeting Notes September 2016

Town Meeting Notes September 2016

The Camp Venture Council of Advocates met on Monday September 12, 2016 in the Coleman Gromack Auditorium of the Venture Center. Present were President, Don R. though he arrived late and cabinet members; Lee, Meagen and Ryan. Terry Freson acted as the group’s Facilitator. The meeting also included a Wings presentation and Dante Giordano and Theresa Bachanas we there to conduct that business. Also present was Deputy Director, Marie Ramundo Pardi and Dan Lukens, who was there to take notes.

In the absence of the President, the Vice President, Meagan R, called the meeting to order at around 6:55pm.  The VP then turned the floor over to cabinet members after a few brief words .

Cabinet Member, Lee P, said that he had had a pretty good summer . He said that his mother was doing well and shared that he enjoyed two vacations during the course of the summer.

Lee then talk about how he enjoyed Touching Bases baseball, Basketball and some of the other recreation choices.

Cabinet Member, Ryan F. assure the group that things at his house were going well. He said that he was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the recreation show and said that he also particularly enjoyed the team sports. He said that he want to show his father whom had passed several years ago that he could be a good player and a good sportsman. Ryan also made a pitch for his future candidacy and said that it was his intent to run again. The election he is referring to would occur in 2017.

With the conclusion of Ryan’s statement, Meagen turned the floor over to Dante Giordano for the Wings ceremony.

Dante opened with a brief review of the Wings initiative. “The Wings program is Camp Venture’s Person Centered Planning mechanism. It is how we work with each one of you to decide together how to better articulate your life plan and to find ways to realize those things in your life that you have always wanted to do. We accomplish that through an interview process designed to flesh out your aspiration which then leads to an individualized action plan tailored to your unique attributes,” Giordano said.

Frances B, who recently landed a job at Shoprite, was applauded for his employment success.

Denis, who has begun to offer assistance to others at Jawonio in sign language was recognized for his good work.

Henry, has made it his mission to interact more with his housemates. And, by the applause in the room, that effort is appreciated.

Celeste is now endeavoring to spend more time in the community with her housemates.

Peter S. has made it his goal to visit animal shelters, pet stores and to embrace his much-beloved four-legged friends.

Tony W. has made his passion for pizza the focus of his efforts as he now is working to develop a critical review of local pizza options.

Merlin, in addition to his performance activities, is now dedicating himself to contribute to the cleaning duties at his house.

Larry N. will be realizing a lifelong dream as his plan is to attend a Beatles tribute show in Las Vegas.

Ted H, it was announced, was honored for his now 20 years of employment with Orange and Rockland Utilities. Congratulations Ted.

Doug O, has made it his plan to go out to dinner more.

Jeremy W. plans to listen to more music and to develop his dancing skills.

Faith will be going out to dinner more this year.

Patrick M, has made it his task to help out more at his house and most especially by getting the mail every day. Good job Patrick!

Aaron’s goal is to embrace nature and to spend more time outside.

Barbara B’s aspiration to have more time on her own out in the community.

Dante congratulated all the Wings Honorees before yielding the floor to the President.

Don opened then opened the regular session of the Town Meeting a about 7:20PM

Jen A. was the first speaker. “I like the Town Meetings and the opportunity to speak,” she said. She went on to say that she was happy with my friends and staff at Warner House and said she enjoyed the parties and social events.

Tasin announced with pride that she was going on a trip to Lake George.

Pradeep introduced himself as a resident of the Kathleen Lukens Living Center and said, with some apparent pride, that he lived independently there in his own apartment. He suggested that with the exit of Long Island University that the agency should convert that part of the building into gym for use by the group. He also suggested that tennis courts also be constructed.

Mike S. announced that the Giants had won to the applause of the room.

Jeff K, adding to Mike’s statement and gave a few more details description about the Giant’s game that was played the day before.

Barbara H. announce with pride that she had taken it upon herself to help out around the house. “I clean the floor, set the table and do everything,” she said to the applause of the room.

Merlin pointed out that he and Robert had been a part of the May show.

Roger talked about his time with his family and said how much he had enjoyed a boating trip with his niece.

Mike C. addressed the group with great enthusiasm. “Great news! The manager of the store where I am working told me that I am getting a raise,” he said as the room rose in applause. “I work at Shoprite bagging groceries and it is going great,” he said. He also talked about a planned vacation and said that he thought that his house staff were great.

Randi asked that the staff at her house all stand up and be recognized which, they did. She then led the group in applause.

Gary talked about his friend Jenny as he often does.

Theresa P. used her time to announce her coming birthday. She also said that she loved touching Bases.

Peter C. used his time to recognize his friends. He also said that he though that Dan was a good man which, Dan seemed to especially appreciate.

Peter M. had a few kind words for Dan Lukens too. Taking a more serious tone though, he said that he though that the group should plan to go to Albany and to speak up on behalf of their staff. He statement drew a rousing ovation from the room.

Jennel approached the front of the room wearing a broad smile. “I just want to say that I love all of the staff. They are so good to us and I pray for them! This statement too was met with applause.

Quinton used his time to lead the group in a prayer. In his statement he praised God for the gift of his life and for all the good things in it.

Dieter offered a few kind words to his friends. And, though the specifics were not clear, his good intent seemed very much appreciated by all.

James also offed a few words of prayer.

Kathleen gave an update on her life and times saying that she was working hard , helping out and living a positive life. She also mentioned a coming birthday.

Suzie T. also spoke with pride about helping out at her house. “I do a lot of stuff,” she said. She also lamented the closing of the workshop and said that she would very much miss the staff.

Jeff B, in his usual demonstrative style, gestured affectionately to his friends. And, though his manner was not the most polished, his good intent seemed very much appreciated by all.

Billy A. talked about the previous weekend which, he spent with family. He also talked about how much he liked Touching Bases.

Steven M. also addressed the group with enthusiastic pride. “ Good news! I got my own place. I am so grateful to everyone who helped to make that possible,” he said. “I am going to have everyone over. We can have garbage pizza with my family and friends. It’s great. I even would like to invite my old roommate.”

Steven went on to discuss his job and how he was working to be more independent.

Fred K. took the floor and though he offered few words, his presence before the group was appreciated and drew applause.

Angela T. said how much she loved being a part of the Main Street Day Program. She talked about all the things she did and said how nice it was to go to a program that was right around the corner from where she had lived with her mom.

Judy said that she liked bowling and parties.

Suzie S. asked for silence so that she could announce her coming birthday.

Ayal also said that his birthday was coming and said that he looked forward to spending it with his family.

Nellie said that she loved the parties and other recreation activities.

Kellyann used her time to say how much she loved Linda, her house director.

Robert offered warm wishes to all his friend but said that he remained concerned about his mother. With the conclusion of Robert’s statement the President closed the regular session of the Town Meeting just before 8:00 PM and then offered a brief statement.

I know that some of you are concerned about the closing of the workshop. It is a change and it is hard but the staff is working with everyone to find new opportunities for them and a new program so have faith and don’t be concerned,” he said. And, as Don closed the meeting , it was with applause.

Dan Lukens took the floor one more time. He introduced his wife, May Lou and said again that Marie would be taking over his duties at the Town Meeting. “I am not going anywhere and will come by from time to time.” He then said how much he enjoyed being a part of the meetings.

It was a great night and, though change was coming, life was good nonetheless. The workshop was closing and Marie Pardi would be taking over the meeting . This would be different but in every way that mattered, it would be the same and that was, indeed, a good thing.


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