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Venture Council President Takes Office

Venture Council President Takes Office

Venture People Get their Wings

In a brief swearing in ceremony on Monday January 25, Don R, took the oath of office to become the new president of Camp Venture’s Council of Advocates. More than 100 members of the Venture residence family were there to mark this momentous occasion. Presiding over the ceremony was agency Executive Director Dan Lukens. Camp Venture Board of Directors President, John Murphy was also on hand to honor the new Council President and to witness the evening’s award ceremony.
“From a field of very fine candidates, Don has emerged as the leader of this important group,” said Lukens. “Don has brought a new enthusiasm to the Council and comes with some great ideas. I look forward to working with him, Lukens said.

The Camp Venture Council of Advocates is the agency’s self-advocacy group. The President of the group presides over the agency’s Town Meeting which is a forum for Venture Family members to participate in their governance, voice concerns and share their life stories.

Included with the swearing in proceedings was the agency’s Wings pinning ceremony. The Wings initiative is the agency’s person centered individual development program that explores the personal aspirations of each member of the Venture residence family and then works with them to realize these aspirations. Receiving their wings on Monday night were; Ayal Barbara, Esta, Gina, Merin, Frances, David, Kathleen, Phyllis, Lillian, Jeffrey, Lisa, Randi, Janice, Toby and Kellianne.

Running the Wings program for Camp Venture are, Dante Giordano and Teresa Bachanas who were there Monday night to conduct the presentation of awards while the new president was changed with awarding the pins.

Filling out the new Council president’s administration, Don named Lee, Meagan, Ryan and Amanda to cabinet positions on Monday night to the aplause of council members present.
“It was an important night for Camp Venture, said Dan Lukens. “The group is moving forward and really taking responsibility and we are all very proud, he said.

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