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Venture Riders Strut Their Stuff at Equestrian Graduation

Venture Riders Strut Their Stuff at Equestrian Graduation

Peter, Eddie, Lisa, Roger and the balance of this fall’s equestrian class made an impressive show of their skills at the November 7, graduation. Sheriff Jim Kralik was on hand along with members of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Patrol to preside over the ceremony.

Moving their mounts through a circuit marked by orange cones, class members demonstrated their skills for a crowd of mostly staff, family members and fellow riders. Smartly clad in their riding gear, the riders offered an impressive performance and had some great fun too.

The Camp Venture Equestrian Program, located at Oak Colony Road in Stony Point , New York, has been training people with developmental disabilities in the equestrian arts for more than 15 years. According to Ken Freson, who heads the program, “some, of our people have been riding for years now and it shows.” At present the program has over 70 riders participating in various classes. And, in addition to Venture people, there are rider from across the community many of who are served either by other agencies or who live at home. Lessons for non-disabled riders are also available.

The one constant with the program (besides Ken Freson) is Sheriff Kralik, the Sheriff’s Deputies and the volunteers who make the program possible.

Currently, the Camp Venture Equestrian Program is a seasonal program but, with the construction of an indoor equestrian center well underway, year-round riding could be available as soon as Spring 2010.

Consistent with long standing tradition, the graduation’s riding demonstration was followed by an awards ceremony with hot apple cider.

For more information on the Camp Venture Equestrian program: or navigate to the information on this site from the home page program pull down menu.

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