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Venture’s Bowling Champions Revel at Victory Celebration

Venture’s Bowling Champions Revel at Victory Celebration

As James stepped forward to accept the “Bowler of the Year Award” and top honors in the Camp Venture 2009 Tournament of Champions the hall erupted in applause. The near deafening cheering and excitement in the room crescendoed as James triumphantly grasped the really big trophy.

The ceremony on July 18, which culminated months of arduous tournament competition, ended with a gala barbeque/party event at the Venture Select program space. And, though the agency’s current austerity had moved the proceedings from the Town and County catering hall, the thrill of victory was no less sweet for these intrepid competitors.

Executive Director Dan Lukens enthusiastically announced the winners from each category as Recreation Director Terry Freson managed the festivities along with Julie Langdon. Kyle Parenzan manned the grill for the barbeque and Ken Freson played host.

” These bowlers have worked really hard on their games this season but it’s the sportsmanship and the spirit of camaraderie that I find most inspiring about this group,” Terry Freson explained.

“I don’t think people realize that this group has some pretty serious bowlers,” said Dan Lukens, Camp Venture’s Executive Director. Lee, who received the trophy for the highest score game, bowled a 192 on one of the group’s Saturday morning bowls.

The Camp Venture Bowling awards ceremony is an annual event that culminates the agency’s ‘Tournament of Champions’. More than 100 competitors from Camp Venture residences across Rockland County compete not only for the best score, but also based on the improvement in their game and for their sportsmanship. For this group it’s not just about athletic ability but commitment, determination and grace under the pressure of competition.

A special award was also offered at the end of the program for Julie Langdon for her tireless dedication to the bowling program and also to all the people served by the agency.

“Julie’s the best,” asserted Terry Freson. ” The guys love her and with good reason,” she said. 

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