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Venture’s Got Talent 2015

Venture’s Got Talent 2015

The stars were shining brightly Friday August 18, 2015 as a troupe of performers, all members of the Venture family, took to the stage for a night of singing, dancing and a whole lot of fun. It was a perfect late summer evening and electricity was in the air as family and friends gathered at the Venture Center auditorium in Sparkill for the performance of the season.

The program opened with the familiar face of Esta B, the agency’s most ebullient spokesperson as she kicked things off with a few well-chosen words and that killer smile. From there on it was all a rockin’ good time.

Up first, Spencer, a newcomer to the troupe, stepped up with all the confidence of a seasoned pro and belted out a version of the rock classic, “Dead or Alive” more in the style of Tom Cruise’s Rock of Ages version than Don Jovie’s. Either way though Spencer had ‘em all up on their feet right from the get go.

Harvey slowed things down with his rendition of “Singing in the Rain” and not even Gene Kelly could have done it better. But, just as the room had become accustomed to his mellow tones, Tasin and Merlin pumped some adrenaline into the place with a smokin’ version of “Tutty Fruity.”

Fred offered the familiar American ballad, “Jack and Diane.” Behind him was a rousing dance piece as an energetic Meagen and Jen, both of Warner House, wowed the crowd with their “Electric Slide.” .

J. Pat toned it down with a moving sentimental version of “Twenty Years Ago.”

Then it was time for some authentic heavy metal. Mike jumped out on stage to the squealing sounds of a rock guitar. His take on the rock classic “Paradise City” had the room up on their feet and moving to beat.

Angela followed with an adorable rendition of the Disney hit, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.”

Lee then brought the crowd back to the 60’s with “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

Bill A. did a bouncy “Honky Cat” and was followed by Ryan who offered “ See You Again.”

Lillian performed a very beautiful but strangely soulful original ballad. And, as she poured her heart out with every note, the room was made quiet. A final refrain followed by a long pause that hung about the room in anxious silence. And then, there was ovation.

Judy and Eileen, appeared on stage clad in some showy wigs. They did the popular tune; “Let it go” and were followed by Robin’s version of the Motown classic, “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Marie’s “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” was absolutely charming and Tammy brought the show back to Motown with, “Stop in the Name of Love.”

Theresa bounced across the stage with “Love Shack” and Bernie followed her with some very funky moves to the sounds of;  “ I Want to Move it Move it. “

Jack crooned a lilting version of, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” as everyone joined in and sang along to his sweet notes. And then, it was John, Chuck and Dave L,s turn as they sang and danced to a spirited; “Yackity Yack.”

Zac offered a very emotional version of, “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” and belted it out with all the power of a young Michel Bolton.

In honor of the Fab Four, Missy offered, “Let it Be followed by Michael C’s version of “My Girl.”

Last, but certainly not least, Ayal, Jeff and David F. got the place rockin’ one more time with a singing and dancing rendition of “Uptown Funk.” With the room now all on their feet, the entire cast join the guys on stage to close out this final number.

What a show and what a night! It was a great one and many thanks to all the player, the recreation staff and most especially to all the family and friends who came out to join in the fun!

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