Venture Equestrian Program

“There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man”.
-Winston Churchill

For centuries, man and horse have shared a special relationship, and though our reliance on these proud animals has changed in modern times, the value of this connection endures.

For people with special needs, riding can provide a myriad of therapeutic benefi ts. It can convey a sense of empowerment and mastery. Sitting atop a 1,000 pound animal and commanding it through its paces is an exhilarating feeling, especially for a person with disabilities. Riding improves physical strength, balance, mobility and coordination. It helps to promote a better attention span, concentration, social awareness, confi dence and self-esteem.

Equestrian ProgramThe Camp Venture Equestrian Program, located in Stony Point, NY, is a recreational riding program for children and adults with and without special needs. Our program is educational and hands-on, and our instruction is geared to the ability and learning style of each participant. There is no need for prior riding experience because we provide each student with an individualized program. Whether navigating through an obstacle course, getting a horse to respond to the reins, or just developing the posture to sit up straight in the saddle, skill development is individual and appropriate for each student.

First and foremost, our riders learn how to be safe around horses, and are taught to respect the animals. They learn to groom and care for them. Riders learn to tack the horses and appropriately fi t their safety gear.

Riding skills are taught step-by-step, with deference for the physical and cognitive abilities of the rider.

All riding is done in an outdoor arena equipped with rubber footing. All required safety equipment is provided to the riders. The helmets used are approved by the North American Riding Association, and all riders wear safety vests.

Equestrian ProgramQualified professionals staff the Camp Venture Equestrian Program. Our head instructor has been certified by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Inc. (NARHA), holds a BS Degree in Special Education and a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. All staff and volunteers are certified in First Aid, CPR and are trained to work with horses, as well as people with special needs.

Our staff is a caring and competent team who share a love of horses and riding and more importantly, a commitment to off er this unique and potentially life-changing experience to children and adults in our community.

To find out more about the Camp Venture Equestrian program, contact: Ken Freson, Supervisor of Camp Venture’s Riding Program at (845) 947-0093 or via email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Camp Venture gratefully acknowledges the support of the Rockland County Sheriff and the Rockland County Sheriff’s Deputies Association who have faithfully supported this program and all of our community’s citizens with special needs. Working hand-in-hand with us for more than 18 years to develop this fun-filled learning experience through horses, we could never have offered this program without them. We also acknowledge the support of the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities and the County of Rockland. [t] (845) 947-0093 [c] (914)-523-1465

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